This application was developed by Forint Finance Ltd (the Company). The application doesn’t provide an exchange service but a decentralized multichain swap service through which cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, including those of different blokchains, and FIAT money for cryptocurrencies. The service of exchanging FIAT money for cryptocurrencies, which is integrated into the application, is managed entirely by a third-party company that accepts credit card deposits, subject to user identity verification, and pays the users the equivalent in cryptocurrencies, minus service fees. Once this transaction is completed, the users via the application can swap the purchased cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies.

The Company is responsible, solely and only, for deformities, flaws and technical anomalies of the application.

The Company is not responsible for the deformities, flaws, technical anomalies arising from the technologies and services of third parties. Therefore, it will not be responsible in the event that the technologies and services of third parties, are withdrawn, modified, damaged, and/or have become unusable and the inability to use the application results from this, or losses to users result from this.

The Company is not responsible for the performance, volatility and/or failure of the tokens that the users can purchase from the application.