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4INT is the cryptocurrency of our ecosystem, a utility token on the Polygon Blockchain that grants advantages to its holders. Thanks to this utility token, you can benefit from very advantageous reductions (up to 100% commission) on the use of the Swappy Platform and the entire Forint ecosystem.

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Swappy Exchange

The Swappy Platform is the first Exchange in Defi that provides users with the same benefits as a Centralised Exchange, with all the added advantages of Decentralised Finance.

Allows seamless exchange of cryptocurrencies even if on different blockchains, providing greater efficiency and convenience in transaction execution.

Lets you buy cryptocurrencies with your local currency via credit/debit card or bank transfers.

Lets you trade by entering buy/sell orders in order to create automatic plans to benefit from market fluctuations, to buy and sell at a specific chosen price.

Allows you to download as an excel file, all trades executed on the platform, to keep track of your trades and to facilitate any tax returns.

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Through Swappy, your token will be purchasable on all integrated Blockchains.

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You can become part of our ecosystem via our Affiliate Program, and benefit from numerous advantages, from your dedicated widget/link to a dedicated App on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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